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From April 29th to May 3rd 2020 at Port of Palma

Green boats: the future to preserve the environment

Caring for the environment is a task that concerns everyone, and, in the nautical sector, they are increasingly aware of the need to protect it. Although only 0.4% of vessels worldwide are green, more and more boat builders and designers are committed to designing and manufacturing versions that are more eco-responsible. From using wood extracted from sustainable forests to including filtered water tanks on boats to avoid the use of plastic bottles. The nautical sector is making every effort to preserve this beautiful environment that surrounds us.

At international level, new standards and restrictions are also being imposed on boat manufacturers in order to protect the environment. These include the fitting of solar panels, the use of hybrid propulsion to limit emissions and the development of engines that consume less energy.

Although this process of change can be slow, the trend emerging at some of the most important international boat shows is the manufacture of boats that are more environmentally friendly. Inspired by ecological developments in other vehicles, such as cars, these kinds of technology are being adapted to the nautical sector.

Green boats are a reality. Boats that power their electric motors with renewable energy, hybrid vessels and hulls designed for the boat to consume less. All of these vessels can be currently found sailing the oceans of the world.

Manufacturing greener boats, however, does not mean that they have to be more austere or less modern. Luxury sailing is also very aware of this environmental crisis and some of the greenest designs are the most modern and sophisticated in the sector.

Solar-powered boats

Around the world now, there are boats that are completely ecological and exclusively powered by solar energy. This is the case of Solliner, a catamaran from the company Green Dream Boats which has an on-board battery that can last up to 18 hours on overcast days or at night. This boat has capacity for ten people and can be seen sailing around Spain, Sweden and Australia. Not only is it striking for being a 100% green boat, its design is also reminiscent of the Porsche 356.

One of the pioneer boat builders in solar energy is Silent Yachts. Its latest creation, the Silent 55S2, a luxury catamaran that is 100% electric thanks to its use of solar power, will be presented during the next edition of the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Eco-electric boats

Inspired by the electrical systems used in the industrial and transport sectors, a first prototype of an electric catamaran has been created, equipped with the Electric Saildrive Concept system. A hybrid marine propulsion concept designed for vessels to operate with zero emissions.

The Sunreef 60, which will also be exclusively presented during the Cannes Yachting Festival, is an eco-electric catamaran that features electric and hybrid propulsion. This hybrid vessel concept is another step for the nautical sector in the search for more sustainable navigation.

Other environmental innovations within the nautical sector include the Energy Observer, which is the first hydrogen vessel. It is currently going around the world to improve its technological base and implement improvements in the maritime sector in terms of renewable energy use. Hydrogen provides similar autonomy to that of fuel. This hydrogen is generated from seawater and various renewable energies and stored in the boat itself.

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