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From April 29th to May 3rd 2020 at Port of Palma

The number of super-yachts registered in the Balearics is five times higher than it was five years ago

Just this year the number of recreational yachts registered has risen by 35% on the islands

Fantastic weather conditions and a great turn-out for the second day at Palma International Boat Show

The second day at the Palma International Boat Show has been marked not just by fantastic weather and a high number of visitors, but also by some very positive data provided by the nautical sector.

Some of the most exciting data is that related to large luxury yachts. Since the elimination of the registration tax on foreign charters, the number of large-yacht registrations has risen significantly. Over the last five years, the Balearic Islands have gone from having 31 yachts registered in 2013 to 155 in 2018.

Of these 155 yachts, 34 are over 45 metres long and in 2013 there were no yachts of this size registered. In addition, 60 of the boats are over 35 metres long, compared to 5 yachts of this size registered in 2013.

According to a report published by ANEN (the Spanish National Association of Nautical Vessels), the Balearic Islands have gone from 134 licenses registered between January and March in 2018 to 181 over the same period in 2019. So there was a 35% increase in the number of new registrations over the past year. In this way the islands have become the second autonomous community in Spain with their nautical market quota of over 18%, behind Andalusia (with 21.14%) and before Catalonia (with 17.2%).

As for the charter market, the Balearic Islands occupy second place with 27% of the market quota, following behind Catalonia with 29.19% and in front of the Valencian Community (20.53%).

The Balearics – a worldwide yachting destination

The nautical sector continues to grow and the Balearic Islands are consolidating their position as a destination for super-yachts on a worldwide level. The fact is, of the 8 biggest luxury yacht companies in the world, 6 of them have offices in Mallorca.

And the Balearics are not just a summer destination. The services offered by the islands, the weather and their great infrastructure, make the Balearics the perfect destination for large luxury yachts.

The income registered from yacht expenditure in the Balearics has multiplied tenfold over the last five years – in 2018 the income registered was over 12,000,000 Euros. This increase is due to the fact that yachts that have chosen the islands as a seasonal destination, now increasingly stay to carry out their repair and maintenance work. This fact also affects jobs and helps to do away with the industrial sector’s seasonal nature, as more direct and indirect jobs are created.
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