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From April 29th to May 3rd 2020 at Port of Palma

Libera and Ecoembes unite in a campaign against the littering of marinas

LIBERA, which was launched by SEO/Birdlife, in collaboration with Ecoembes, presented its awareness campaign this morning at Palma’s Port Authority. The campaign hopes to end the littering of ports and provide solutions for the community of marina users.

The event, which took place in Palma, marks the beginning of three days of informative meetings and round tables which will take place within the framework of the 36th edition of Palma International Boat Show.

The project will share information about ‘basuraleza’ – a term coined to describe the littering of nature, and there will be different workshops aimed at all members of the port community to promote good practices at marinas and reduce the impact of littering on the marine environment.

On Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th there will be various informative talks on the problems caused by littering, starting at 11:00 at stand C2 within the boat show, and on Monday the 29th at the same time there will be a discussion panel at the Port Authority’s headquarters. There will also be a role-play game on Sunday to help spread awareness amongst the children present.

Don’t throw litter into the sea. In the end the only thing that survives is your rubbish” is this campaign’s motto. It wants to involve everyone working or taking part in the port’s activity as well as citizens in general, to make sure we do better at protecting our oceans and seas.

The port’s activity generates a large amount of waste. The waste which results from the port’s regular operations is generally not hazardous, but there is also a lot of waste which is potentially dangerous – mostly that which results from maintenance and reparation work.

In this sense, LIBERA hopes to promote best practices, in everything from supply and services to maintenance, as well as sporting activities which take place in the sea and in the port. This means, amongst other things, not throwing any rubbish generated on board into the sea, but instead using the waste disposal areas available in the port, and not throwing hooks or fishing lines into the sea as they can result in the death of many species.

28,000 citizens have already taken part in this social movement, as well as 740 entities at 703 workplaces, not just marine-related, and a total of 107 tonnes of litter has already been collected.


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