From April 29th to May 3rd 2020 at Port of Palma

Greenline gives Palma International Boat Show an electric scooter

Greenline Yachts has been offering innovative solutions using intelligent designs since 2009 – it aims to provide its clients with high-quality yachts which adapt to their needs. The company currently boasts a fleet of over 700 hybrid yachts sailing in waters all over the world.

Greenline strives for environmental performance and efficiency in all its range – in fact this is fundamental to maintaining sustainability in its products. This is one of the sector’s great challenges and is a clear trend in the yachting industry.

Thus, within the range of products offered by Greenline as part of its environmental protection efforts, the brand includes an auxiliary scooter on its hybrid vessels. This electric scooter can be charged using any domestic socket or via solar panels and is easily stored in the yachts’ holds.

The company has kindly provided the organisers of Palma International Boat Show with one of these scooters so that they can move around the show with the utmost ease for the five days of the fair.

Greenline’s line of business has resulted in it being awarded 21 international prizes including “Boat of the Year” and several design and environmental awards.

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